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Everything about Judas in The Bible

Everything about Judas in The Bible

The most ill-famed of Christ’s twelve apostles is Judas Iscariot, son to Simon Iscariot, from the town of Kerioth. His name was common in ancient Palestine, so the Gospel states his name in full to clarify whom the text is referring to.

This apostle enjoyed a position of honour and was ever present at important occasions. Judas performed as the group’s treasurer; he carried a money bag and made purchases for the disciples as needed. The apostle John states in the Gospel that Judas would every so often take for himself, from where the money was stored.

Judas displayed the behaviour of a freethinker and cynic by choosing to address Jesus as ‘rabbi’ (teacher) not as lord. It was he who criticised Mary when she anointed Jesus with a precious ointment, the salve that he perceived as a source of income. Jesus gathered his disciples for a feast known as ‘the last supper’ where he mysteriously revealed that one of his disciples would betray him. All deny it, but Jesus seemed to know irrefutably that Judas would be the one to betray him. The awareness and surprising foreknowledge of this betrayal has led many to believe that Judas Iscariot was indeed destined to betray Christ, as Jesus himself, was destined to die on the cross.

Whether Judas’s deeds were fated or not, his actions certainly contributed to the divine plan for the atonement between God and humankind. By playing such a key role leading up to the end of Christ and the beginning of Christ’s legacy, the significance of Judas Iscariot, his friendship with Christ, his religious camaraderie, and his actions, are of remarkable importance to the life and death of Jesus. Following the last supper, Jesus found solitude in a remote garden. His prayer is interrupted when a band of armed soldiers of the high priest Caiaphas approached the area. Judas joins them and identifies Jesus to the guards with a kiss. After a brief scuffle Jesus is seized.

For his role in the successful capture, Judas was paid the sum of thirty pieces of silver. He commits suicide soon after the crucifixion of Christ.

Judas has become the archetypal betrayer in western culture, with a role in virtually every piece of literature and art telling the ‘passion’ story.

A friendly kiss from one’s enemy or rival is still branded 'the Judas kiss'.

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Everything about Judas in The Bible
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Everything about Judas in The Bible

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