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Everything about Lararus in The Bible

Everything about Lararus in The Bible

Three people were resurrected by Jesus Christ: At first, he restored to life the son of a penniless widow from Nain. He then revived the lifeless daughter of the Jewish leader Jairus. It is however, his third resurrection, that remains the most noteworthy.

Lazarus of Bethania was brother to Martha and Mary; all were friends of Jesus. Following a plea from both sisters, Jesus visited Lazarus’s tomb, and raised him from the state of death. Soon after this Lazarus took part in a banquet, which ‘Simon the leper’ gave to Jesus in Bethania. The raising of Lazarus is regarded as the most powerful of Christ’s miracles because Lazarus was a corpse for four days. His body had begun to decay. There are accounts of other prophets who raised the dead shortly after death (Kings 17: 17–24), but it was Christ alone that raised a corpse in a state of decomposition.

No other prophet had managed to reverse the state of death so far gone. Another astonishing account was that Christ displayed a startling power. Not in the resurrection itself but rather in the words spoken by the prophet Jesus. He commanded the miracle verbally using his own authority. He did not say ‘I pray that God may raise you’, but rather declared, “Lazarus, come forth”. Prophets pray for miracles but on that day, Jesus did not pray for a miracle; he spoke the words that commanded the dead to rise. He produced a miracle by the power and authority within him. This resurrection rendered many onlookers utterly speechless. Many Jews flocked to Bethania to see Lazarus and left believing in Jesus because of what they saw.

The dead man that walked among the living was undeniable proof of the power in Christ. This miracle was a great threat to the religious leaders. The country was occupied by Roman military and both Jesus and Lazarus were becoming too popular;

"If we leave him alone, all men will believe in him, and the Romans shall come and take away our nation". (John 11: 48)

It’s also written that, “The chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death” (John 12: 9–10).

Lazarus vanished soon after the high priests ordered his death (last mentioned in John 12: 17). What became of him remains a total mystery.

The resurrection of Lazarus was Christ’s last miracle.

*In pop culture, the term 'dead man walking' is speculated to be a direct reference to Lazarus of Bethania.

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Everything about Lararus in The Bible
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Everything about Lararus in The Bible

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