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Everything about laziness in The Bible

Everything about laziness in The Bible

Laziness or slothfulness in the Bible is the failure to utilize one’s skill, natural abilities, and God given talents. Laziness is a sin based on neglect and innaction than on action. Lazy people are wasteful because they squander their years unproductively; by not achieving what can be achieved, learning what can be learned, working on what can be worked on, or creating what can be created. The result is a wasted life due to the lack of purpose and usefulness.

A person displaying lazy and slothful qualities harbours great indifference and misplaced priorities, with a tendency to avoid responsibility and meaningful relationships that require hard work. Lazy behaviour may cause Christians to neglect their faith and to develop a spiritual lack of interest; by neglecting the word of God, the wisdom of Jesus Christ, and the solace of the gospel.

The antidote for laziness is passion and enthusiasm. Christianity offers a solution for living a lazy existence, and that is to know God, read the Bible, and to realize your purpose and capacity to do some good and help others, find love, and know happiness.

“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied”. (Proverbs 13: 4)

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Everything about laziness in The Bible
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Everything about laziness in The Bible

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