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Everything about man and men in The Bible

Everything about man and men in The Bible

There are over one thousand men mentioned in the Bible. The compilation of Holy Books was inspired by God and recorded by man.

The first man to appear in the Bible is Adam; the one miraculously unique human being from whom we all descended. Adam was fashioned by the direct hand of God and differs from all other humans because he was not born of woman and so his body was without a navel (he did not develop in the womb). Adam set the standard for all humankind, he possessed the material (the flesh), and the immaterial (the soul). He was the first husband, the first farmer to the earth, and the first father to a child. By naming the different animals showed to him by God, he was also the first taxonomist. Adam is ill-famed for being the very first sinner which resulted in mankind’s punishment to work through painful toil in order to prosper.

Men and women are equal in regard to salvation; however, in the traditions of Christianity, there is a leadership hierarchy established where men are viewed as cultivators to be fruitful and multiply. Men are also to subdue the earth because the world is a chaotic place. Traditional leaders of townships were male, similarly, Jesus chose twelve male disciples. As a servant of God, the leadership role of man applies to his family and to roles within the church.

The husband is responsible for labouring to provide for his family and must honour and love his wife devotedly.

“He who loves his wife loves himself ".

Some proposed qualities of godly men are as follows:

To be above reproach, a husband to one wife, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness or violence, and not a lover of money. He should set an example in speech, love, faith, and purity whilst displaying qualities of sensitivity and integrity. A man should also be a disciplinarian with children but not overbearing, quick-tempered, or pursuing dishonest gain.

Many believe that the most significant tribute to Adams life was that God took from his body, one of his ribs, and from that rib formed another human being. And Adam said:

"This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’, because she was taken out of Man”.

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Everything about man and men in The Bible
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Everything about man and men in The Bible

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