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Everything about marriage troubles in The Bible

Everything about marriage troubles in The Bible

Marriage is the most intimate bond that two people can experience, second only to a relationship with God. This core belief drives the Biblical interest of keeping marriages intact.

Marriage brings out the best in some people, and the worst in others. As the couple struggles to ‘live as one’, unwelcome differences emerge that end in strain and ultimately conflict.

Unhappy marriages can be devastating for husbands, wives, and the children involved but according to Scripture, an unhappy marriage is certainly not grounds for divorce.

The Bible approaches this dilemma by instructing the reader to repair the damage, not dissolve the marriage. Reconciliation is greatly encouraged; couples are asked to open their hearts to one another and work together to solve problems. Couples should be active in a sexual relationship with each other and not be tempted away. Husbands are inspired to treat their wives with understanding. Open, honest communication must be used to handle frustrations and defeat anger, and it is also Biblically correct to seek the guidance of a Christian marriage counsellor to help clarify misconceptions about marriage roles and encourage healthy discussions.

Specific marriage instructions are provided in Ephesians 5:21-33, including commands (verses 18-21) that precede the instructions: Husbands must love their wives unconditionally. Husbands must respect their wives. Wives must respect their husbands and yield to their direction. Husbands and wives are to submit gracefully to one another. Do not overindulge yourself in drunkenness. Encourage each other and live with gratitude in your hearts. Be thankful and be filled with the spirit of God.

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Everything about marriage troubles in The Bible
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Everything about marriage troubles in The Bible

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