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Everything about the missing books of The Bible

Everything about the missing books of The Bible

The books of the Bible are not incomplete, unfinished, half-finished, or missing large bodies of work.

Volumes of religious works have not been removed from the Bible and hidden away in secret. Every volume inspired by God and intended to appear in the Bible, makes an appearance in the Bible.

Events recorded in the Bible changed the world and dialogue and reports of those Biblical events spread across the word. There are hundreds of religious and texts, writings, notations, and volumes composed in the same period as the books of the Bible. Some of these books contain factual accounts of events that truly occurred, others contain spiritual teachings, and others general dialogues about Biblical people, Prophets, Apostles and events.

Many of these books of general and religious writings are not considered to be ‘canon’ (genuine); many are ‘non-canon’, meaning they are not inspired by God. This is because a good deal of the texts have unknown authors who cannot be traced or confirmed, and the texts are themselves either unsubstantiated, disputable, dubious, or altogether revealed to be counterfeit.

The books that undergo the intense scrutiny and are revealed not to be forgeries, disputable texts, and do indeed have some authentication are labelled ‘apocrypha’. This general term applies to the books that the Christian church consider valuable and worthwhile, however not divinely inspired.

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Everything about the missing books of The Bible
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Everything about the missing books of The Bible

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