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Everything about murder in The Bible

Everything about murder in The Bible

When the killing of a human being is deliberate and planned, it is considered murder.

The commandment against murder is a cast-iron ruling for the preservation of Gods greatest creation, human life. To knowingly slaughter a human is to directly offend God, the creator of all human life. The commandment against murder is viewed by many Christian and non-Christian nations as a legal issue governing human relationships.

Of the Ten Commandments revealed at Mount Sinai, the first five relate glaringly to man’s sense of duty to God, whilst the concluding five commandments express mankind’s obligation toward humanity. The New Testament bible maintains the position that murder is a moral evil, preserving the Old Testament view of bloodguilt (the guilt of shedding blood). Under the old Covenant, the Israelites were allowed to kill only under special circumstances such as warfare, the punishment of sins, i.e. murder (Exodus 21: 12–14), and even adultery (Leviticus 20: 10, Deuteronomy 22:22–24).

Because murder is the unlawful taking of human life, the New Testament acknowledges the role of civil government in maintaining justice and penalizing evildoers to the point of capital punishment, thus legitimizing laws such as the death penalty for heinous crimes and atrocities and by validating acts of self-defence and legal warfare.

Killing is handled differently to murder in the Bible. The sacred book recognizes that a person might accidently kill another or that people may kill to protect innocent lives. The sixth commandment (thou shalt not kill) does not include accidental killing, self-defence, acts of legitimate warfare or capital punishment, but is rather about the deliberate and unjust killing, that is, murder.

The catholic catechism instructs that human life is sacred and no one has the right to claim or destroy an innocent human being. Catholic teaching prohibits euthanasia and abortion because these killings are premeditated and destroy innocent human life (falling under the catholic definition of murder).

Readers of the New Testament are generally raised to believe that every act that endangers human life is disapproved of, whether it arises from carelessness, wantonness, or from the cardinal sins.

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Everything about murder in The Bible
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Everything about murder in The Bible

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