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Everything about music in The Bible

Everything about music in The Bible

Music appears throughout the Bibles Old and New Testament and there are over 1,150 verses in the Bible that make references related to music.

The use of music in the worship of God, while at church or in the home, has undeniable biblical support. The Bible does not forbid music and singing. The Holy books contain music, song, and hymns which are heartfelt means of communicating and connecting with the lord God and Jesus Christ.

Music is recognised as a means for praise, and expression of joy, thanksgiving, sorrow, and spiritual communication. There are no absolute divisions between praise (which is sung) and prayer (which is spoken). The Book of Psalms speaks often about praising the Lord with song. In the New Testament, the act of singing hymns serves as a source of great comfort and strength.

Jesus Christ sang hymns with his disciples, with one of the most famed occasions taking place after the Last Supper. The role of music in worship continues today.

Many church services begin with a song of worship because music is a universal and international language that we all share.

Music also helps Christians to focus on the messages in the Bible, the stories in the scripture, and the word of God. Above all, just as the musicians of the biblical era once did, the modern-day Christian uses music to exalt the name of God. The Bible describes worship as “pleasing” to God, and a requirement of those who follow Christ. Melodious worship is uplifting and can touch the soul.

Countless people are moved to tears during musical worship, whether in the church, with other Christians, or alone.

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Everything about music in The Bible
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Everything about music in The Bible

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