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Everything about overeating & gluttony in The Bible

Everything about overeating & gluttony in The Bible

Gluttony is the over consumption of food and drink to the point of physical discomfort or waste.

The sin of gluttony (over eating) is quite easily overlooked as a severe wrongdoing. People tend to associate sins with deliberate acts that are committed out of character, and toward other people.

This is not the case with gluttony which by all accounts is a daily and habitual sin that can become part of one’s standard of living, daily routine, and lifestyle choice that is passed on to children. Over-indulgence may even be considered a sign of wealth and privilege.

Gluttony possesses destructive properties; when confined to eating, the person can develop physical deceases, disorders, and emotional pain over time. Gluttony is essentially a sin of which one exists to please themselves, connecting this act to selfishness, a lack of self-discipline, and wastefulness.

Biblical passages about self-discipline preach that we must have control over our appetites and to never allow our appetites power over us. If we are powerless to manage our eating habits, then it is fair to assume, that we may have difficulty controlling other lifestyle behaviours.

Medieval church leaders took a more expansive view of gluttony and went as far as to prepare a list of six ways to commit gluttony, which included:

Nimis (eating too much)

Praepropere (eating too soon)

Laute (eating too expensively)

Studiose (eating too daintily, out of vanity and leaving some to waste)

Ardenter (eating too eagerly, to the point of burning)

Forente (eating wildly)

It is understood that gluttony makes one sluggish and drowsy; this may foster laziness and possibly lead to another of the seven deadly sins.

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Everything about overeating & gluttony in The Bible
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Everything about overeating & gluttony in The Bible

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