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Everything about prostitutes in The Bible

Everything about prostitutes in The Bible

According to conventional sexual behaviour and the length and breadth of erotic activity, promiscuity implies sex with many different partners.

The term ‘whore’ however is associated with persons considered sexually shameless, morally loose, and most commonly, those who accept payment or valuable items in return for sexual favours.

Outside the context of sexual deeds, a whore is a person who negotiates or compromises their principles for financial profit, personal gain, or an advance in social status.

In the Bible the word whore is a noun; assigned to a person, place, thing, feature, or action, and can function as the subject or object of a verb. It is hugely symbolic and deeply negative to be labelled a whore. The term is used in describing wayward people and nations with no sense of integrity and loyalty. Included are the individuals who humiliate, dishonour’ and defile themselves. Along with the money lovers who sell their bodies, their talents, morals, and principles to the highest bidder.

The Bible cautions against the bizarre and particularly those who whore themselves and encourage others to walk the line. It is also the Biblical train of thought that women have a heightened sexual influence over men. For this reason, the female whore may wish to misuse her sexual influence to turn husbands away from their wives, and to set brother against brother.

“To keep you from an evil woman and from the smooth talk of a loose woman”. (Proverbs 6: 24)

The great whore of Babylon is the Christian figure of evil and immorality; this prostitute is described as “…drunken with the blood of saints and with the blood of martyrs of Jesus”. This is the most potent symbol of the limitless power of whoredom. She is connected to the figures of the antichrist and the beast of revelations. This figure depicts just how the act of whoring (female or male) has been used to de-thrown kings, destroy families, devastate communities, and to ruin the lives of the poor, the impressionable and the unfulfilled. An account of the great whore is to be found in the book of revelations. "The great whore that sitteth upon many waters…and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication".

Prostitution is an ancient profession and a global business. This particular approach to making vast profits is a vulgar and vastly common way to which certain sexually responsive and dominant women reap financial benefit, and morally void men profit from the corruption and oppression of women.

Biblical text defines the act of prostitution as an immoral act and all facets and facades of the profession are altogether shunned within the church. Christian tradition views the act of sexual intercourse for the fulfilment of a contract, written or verbal, to be totally corrupt, unethical, and sinful.

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Everything about prostitutes in The Bible
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Everything about prostitutes in The Bible

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