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Everything about rape in The Bible

Everything about rape in The Bible

The topic of rape is reported as early as in the book of Genesis, where rape is depicted as a gross violation of God’s design for the treatment of the human body.

An Old Testament passage within the laws given to the nation of Israel before entering the Promised Land speaks openly against coercing a woman into sexual encounters against her will. This mandate in Deuteronomy (22:13-29), is intended to safeguard women and to deter the population away from committing sexual immoralities.

In the Old Testament, the death penalty is endorsed as punishment for the crime of rape.

Critics of the Christian Bible draw attention to a passage in ‘Numbers 31’ or similar verses in the Old Testament that contain accounts difficult for modern readers to grasp. Under the ancient canon of war and bloodshed, the Israelites were allowed to take female captives from conquered nations.

Critics underline this ancient wartime decree as an example of the Bible’s condonation of rape although the passage makes no mention of sexually molesting or raping the captive women.

The New Testament does not remark on the crime of rape directly. Jesus and his followers spoke against sexual immorality and went as far as to indicated that such sexual actions were justifiable grounds for divorce (Matthew 5:32).

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Everything about rape in The Bible
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Everything about rape in The Bible

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