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Everything about rejecting Christianity in The Bible

Everything about rejecting Christianity in The Bible

Apostasy, from the Greek word ‘apostasia’, means to defy the established system; a rebellion or total abandonment of faith. Once a technical term for political revolt or defection, today the word is synonymous with religious defection.

It is not a criminal offense to renounce the Christian faith, nor is it punishable by civil law. Religious conversion causes tensions within the community and the Bible warns against the 2 main types of religious defection:

1: A gradual shift from believing in the Christian teachings of the Bible and into heretical teachings that proclaim a real truth and supreme power that is not of the Bible, or the Christian God.

2: A complete renunciation of the Christian faith, resulting in a full abandonment of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Christian way of life.

Almost every New Testament book warns against false prophets, incorrect interpretation of scripture, deceivers, and false Gods. Readers of the Bible are advised to remember that Satan visited the couple in the garden, not with grand gestures and ideas of apostasy, but with a single idea. That single idea condemned the fate of humankind. A single idea, left to fester and grow, can turn a faithful believer person into the faithless unbeliever.

The Old Testament books contain accounts of ancient perspectives on apostasy but are, by today’s standards, often criticised for being too severe.

“Nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him or conceal him; but you shall surely kill him”. (Deuteronomy 13:8-9)

Christian nations do not have a prescribed punishment for apostasy or enforce civil penalties for renouncing one’s faith.

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Everything about rejecting Christianity in The Bible
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Everything about rejecting Christianity in The Bible

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