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Everything about religious Law in The Bible

Everything about religious Law in The Bible

Christian religious law consists of certain moral and ethical beliefs. There are many accounts for what is considered lawful within the faith.

Religious law within Christian nations is not a required legal establishment with judicial powers and direct influence over common law, criminal law, civil rights, political issues, and national matters. However Christian religious law does on occasion have indirect influence over all of the above.

Religious laws function largely within the Christian communities of churches, and in the personal lives of practicing Christians.

The Ten Commandments are the universally accepted record of Biblical laws believed by most Christians as eternally binding. Laws can also be found in the Old Testament books.

The instructions of Jesus Christ in the Gospel are also considered law, and referred to as the Law of Christ, or the New Covenant.

There is also canon law (the internal body of rules) for the Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches, and the laws found in the Pentateuch, the well-known Books of Moses.

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Everything about religious Law in The Bible
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Everything about religious Law in The Bible

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