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Everything about sins in The Bible

Everything about sins in The Bible

 The human conscience is our intuitive sense of right and wrong; functioning to approve or disapprove of our actions.

The conscience persuades us to behave within the limits of an existing moral code and virtuous conduct upheld by what a person believes in, in this case, the Christian faith. Nevertheless, the conscience is very much like a muscle which strengthens only if exercised regularly; if the muscle is not tested and strained, it will weaken over time.

For the times when our moral boundaries are weakened and resistance to sin is at a low, the human spirit will commit and accumulate sins by the minute.

Christians view the concept of sin as a wrongdoing of the religious or moral laws set by God and recorded in The Bible, especially if this wrongdoing is deliberate. The intentional fulfilment of a sin is a sign of disobedience to the divine will of God, and can therefore result in the spiritual separation from God. A sin can be dishonourable, offensive, or totally immoral, and is not necessarily associated with committing a wrongful deed, but also by failing to commit a rightful endeavour as well.

Essentially, sin is the rebellion against, or resistance to the direction of God, and the hostility towards the good and the righteous. In Catholicism, a sin may be categorized as either mortal or venial.

A mortal sin is one that is grave in nature and committed knowingly and deliberately and thus in defiance of God's will.

A venial sin lacks the gravity of a mortal sin and results from the ignorance of God's law or is not performed willingly or purposely.

Estimating the rate at which the average person may ‘sin’ in a single day is a matter of dispute.

In western cultures it’s alleged that the daily, widespread sins committed by people of all ages, creed, and ethnicity, are to be found in the Christian classification of general wrongdoings known as ‘cardinal sins’: pride, envy, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, and sloth. This category of vices has been employed since the earliest of Christian times to educate and enlighten its believers on the human tendency to sin.

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Everything about sins in The Bible
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Everything about sins in The Bible

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