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Everything about vanity in The Bible

Everything about vanity in The Bible

Vanity is rumoured among writers of fiction to be the devil’s favourite sin. Allied with immortality, physical perfection, youth, and vitality; a well-known and preferred offering of demons and witches in their quest to convert the vulnerable, the gullible and the faithless. Whether or not vanity is indeed the devil’s favourite sin is irrelevant in this case, what's more, proving such a claim would take some skill.

Vanity is not treated differently from other kinds of transgressions and its capacity to encourage larceny, abuse authority and wealth, and acts of selfishness, greed, self-harm, envy, and violence. An enduring sense of vanity may grow and intensify over time due to an over- developed sense of egoism and pride. Vanity may be identified as ‘the excessive belief in one’s own attractiveness to others'.

The vain at heart cannot function without receiving the attention or the full attention of those around them and often engage in all that is humanly possible to preserve that status and remain the centre of attention.

Vanity in western art and sculpture is often symbolized by a peacock in parade, flaunting its dazzling array of brightly coloured feathers, or by a nude woman facing a large mirror. The mirror is occasionally held by a demon.

Most of the biblical references to vanity appear in the Old Testament books. In the New Testament vanity is characterised by the Whore of Babylon. In orthodox churches, vanity makes up one of the eight sinful and diabolical sins which every Orthodox Christian must refuse to give in to.

Vanity is considered a form of self-worship. To Christians, vanity is a clear and present form of self-worship, where one rejects God for the sake of one’s own image and in so doing become separated from the graces of God.

Indeed, the 'origin story' of angel Lucifer (Satan) concentrates on the spiteful and destructive aspect of vanity.

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Everything about vanity in The Bible
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Everything about vanity in The Bible

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