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Everything about the virgin Mary and the virgin birth in The Bible

Everything about the virgin Mary and the virgin birth in The Bible

The terms ‘virgin birth’ and ‘virgin conception’ are common in Christianity.

The spiritual conception of Jesus Christ is revealed in several ways. Two are most noted: whilst one validates the conception by placing emphasis on Mary’s husband Joseph, who “Knew her not till she brought forth her firstborn son”. The other is the visitation of angles to several people in preparation for the birth. Mary was visited in Nazareth by the angel Gabriel during her engagement to Joseph and was informed of her divine purpose and approaching pregnancy with the assurance that; “Nothing will be impossible with God”. A priest and his wife (Zacharias and Elizabeth) were paid a visit by a divine messenger. Zacharias was informed by the angel that his wife would give birth to a son named John (the Baptist), and this man would prepare the way for Christ.

Both the immaterial element (the Holy Spirit) and the material elements (the vessel and the womb) were united to make the miracle conception a possibility. The child born to Mary was the personification of the spiritual and the physical. In Christian traditions the nature of sin is passed down from generation to generation.

Because Christ was conceived through a sinless union, he was the only person to be born without sin. The New Testament Bible holds four accounts covering the life of the man born of virgin. Each account has a different style of coverage and separate degree of focus. These four books are commonly known as ‘the Gospels’. The accounts of Mark and John begin with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, with the reports of Mathew and Luke, opening with the miracle birth and genealogy of Jesus. It is the latter two gospels which provide the only canonical accounts of the birth of Christ and clearly report the view that Christ was conceived without sexual union, but rather, was the result of a miracle birth brought about by the Holy Spirit.


Christians celebrate the conception of Christ on the 25th of March and his birth on the 25th of December (Christmas) of every calendar year.

*The virgin birth of Jesus is not to be confused with the Roman Catholic doctrine known as the ‘immaculate conception’, which relates to Mary’s own conception.

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Everything about the virgin Mary and the virgin birth in The Bible
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Everything about the virgin Mary and the virgin birth in The Bible

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