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Everything about witchcraft in The Bible

Everything about witchcraft in The Bible

The paranormal or supernatural powers of a person used to benefit others (for healing purposes), or to inflict harm and otherwise influence nature through occult means, is known as witchcraft.

The phrase witchcraft is used as a blanket term for both the evil and the good forces of witchery. The general practitioners of witchcraft are commonly known as witches and wizards. Some powerful witches and wizards can consult with and summon spirits. This is achieved by feeding, rewarding, entertaining, and making pledges with the spirits in exchange for the knowledge of charms, curses, fetish rituals, and spells.

In Christianity, the act of sorcery is associated with heresy and is viewed as wicked and immoral. Indeed, many Christians believe that Christianity is still engaged in a secret battle against Satan and the army of demons, wizards, and witches. According to this view, witches still go to crossroads, burial sites, and cemeteries to call upon the wicked and the monstrous spirits of the dead.

The most characteristic quality of witchery is the ability to cast spells; using worded incantations, and the performing of physical rituals such as animal sacrifices, the consumption of bizarre herbs, and the use of amulets and potions. Mirrors, swords, and bones of dead animals make up the standard tools of the occult trade; a trade which also demands spiritual commitment.

A loyal and devoted follower of a religious faith cannot serve two masters, therefore the categories of witchcraft and sorcery described in the Bible, ward off and protect its readers against the forces of witchcraft. The general authority is that Christians should have an unconditional allegiance to God and should therefore make no contact with, or make allegiances to, the various forms of witchcraft and sorcery available.

The New Testament acknowledges that witchcraft and magic does exist, but it is forbidden to practice witchery on the basis that it usually involves the worship of other gods. All forms of the occult practices such as hypnotism, magic, necromancy, fortune telling, and astrology, are forbidden by God and the New Testament condemns the custom of witchcraft as an abomination.

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Everything about witchcraft in The Bible
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Everything about witchcraft in The Bible

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