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Everything about woman and women in The Bible

Everything about woman and women in The Bible

Woman is the only creation endowed with the natural ability to grow, nourish, and protect a human embryo internally, an impermanent quality of worth and significance in Christianity.

Eve was a virgin at womanhood and for her share in committing the first sin womankind was sentenced to a life of subordination and the pain of childbirth.

By tradition women were to mother the earth and wives required to be secondary to their husbands. Within the church supportive roles are entrusted to women and leadership roles to men. A passage in the book of Corinthians about women in church reads,

“They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission”.

Corinthians does however contain accounts of women prophesying in the church and does not condemn the act of free speech. Biblical scripture recounts marvellous reports of women departing from the custodial fabric of patriarchy.

Women of the Bible proved themselves more than equal to the challenges and trials of their day. Several were considered touched by God and were full of faith, determination, and courage; there are stories of wives who defied husbands and even kings. In the book of Exodus, we find women in the roles of nursemaids or midwives using their powers to evade disastrous male politics. When the Pharaoh ordered the mass murder of all Hebrew infant boys, it was the daring and defiant acts of the Hebrew women that sustained the nation of Israel.

Some proposed qualities of godly women are as follows: To be of noble character; trustworthy, reliable, creative, hardworking, enterprising, and charitable, organized, and of strong will. Whilst remaining dignified, wise, and fearing the Lord. She must be worthy of respect by displaying qualities of purity and self-respect. Not addicted to wine, she should teach what is good, love her husband and children, and not be a malicious talker.

The time of Jesus brought gender equality and end to female submission. Christ considered women equal to men and shared his teachings with women. After his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus appeared first before his female followers, who were given the task of informing the others of the miraculous news.

There are a total of 188 women named in the Holy Bible.

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Everything about woman and women in The Bible
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Everything about woman and women in The Bible

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