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By Author, Speech Writer, & English Tests Creator,
David Alalade

David Alalade is an award winning British author from the city of London, England. He began writing short stories at age 13 having read all the books in his family's home library and entered his first writing contest at age 19 to claim first prize.

David published his first feature non-fiction book 'Holy Bible Holy Quran', in 2012. The book received glowing positive reviews from the 'US Review Of Books'.


David Alalade has a signature bag of stylistic tricks; blending rapid summations and cunning insight, with cool neutrality.


David Alalade received critical acclaim from Barnes and Noble reviews, and the 'US REVIEW OF BOOKS' for his first feature book Holy Bible Holy QuooKoran, a non-fiction book on comparative religion and the similarities between the Biblical and Quranic scriptures.

The sequel 'Holy Bible Holy Koran II', also positive critical reviews and video reviews.


David Alalade was offered an Amazon author on all Amazon global platforms. The page highlights his published works, biography, unique writing style, and the opportunity to download a copies of this books, or purchase them on Amazon.



The authors bibliography includes non fiction feature books, books on political and social unrest, and short story fiction.

The author currently lives in France

See David Alalade's book on and all Amazon retailers worldwide.


By Author, Speech writer, & English Tests Creator
David Alalade

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