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Business English Vocabulary: Practice Test 04

Business English
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Business English
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Business English speaking
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Develop your Business English speaking

Speaking business English helps you stay up to date with modern businhess professionals.

Speaking business English improves your chances at work, travel, and business relationships

When speaking business English try to draw associations between business practice and business communications.

When learning & speaking business Englis, don’t worry about making mistakes, practice will make you perfect.

Use a good dictionary or language app whento discover more business English to use when speaking.

Understanding business English is a good way to connect with English speaking professionals online.

Speaking business English regularly will improve your pronunciation and intonation.

To improve your Business English speaking and speaking proficiency, and succeed at taking business English tests.
Here are five popular business English words that are very useful when learning business English:

Human Resources:
The department within a business that is responsible for managing personnel.

The process of teaching employees the skills they need to perform their jobs.

The process of improving or expanding a product, service, or business.

The possibility of loss or damage to a business.

The act of putting money into a business or project with the expectation of making a profit.

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