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Specific English Vocabulary for Banking & Finance: 03

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Financial English descriptions
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Certificate of Deposit (CD):
A type of savings account that requires a fixed deposit for a fixed term.

The cost of borrowing money or the return on an investment.

Savings Account:
A bank account that earns interest on deposited funds.

Debit Card:
A card that allows you to take money from your bank account or buy things.

Easy Money:
Money that is cheap and easy to borrow.

A negative balance in a checking account.

Money Supply:
The total amount of money in circulation in an economy.

To improve your banking and finance knowledge and English vocabulary.
Here are 5 banking-related words and definitions:

A financial instrument that represents ownership in a company or organization.

Any activity that affects the balance of a bank account, such as a deposit, withdrawal, or transfer.

Wire Transfer:
A method of transferring money electronically from one bank account to another.

Debit Card:
A card that allows customers to withdraw money from their checking account or make purchases.

Account Balance:
The amount of money in a bank account at a given time.

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