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Specific English Vocabulary for Learning Numbers: 01

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Numbers English
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Numbers English vocabulary
Test your Numbers vocabulary

Counting objects:
You can use anything from cars to food items to count.

Use numbers to measure things such as length, weight, and volume.

Telling time:
Use numbers to tell time on a clock or watch.

Use numbers to measure distance, such as the distance between two points.

Use numbers to represent age, such as the age of a person or animal.

Use numbers to represent dates, such as the day, month, and year.

Use numbers to solve math problems, e.g addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.

To improve your knowledge of numbers and English vocabulary.
Here are some ways to learn numbers:

Number flashcards:
Fun flashcards are a great way to learn numbers.

Number books:
There are many books available that can help you learn numbers.

Number apps:
There are many apps available that can help your child learn numbers.

Number puzzles:
Puzzles with numbers can help you learn numbers while having fun.

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