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Specific English Vocabulary for Learning Numbers: 02

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Numbers English
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Numbers English terminology
Test your Numbers terminology

Money: Use numbers to keep track of money, such as counting change or calculating a tip.

Use numbers to keep score in sports games or to track personal records.

Use numbers to represent scientific data, such as measurements or observations.

Use numbers to represent musical notes or beats.

Use numbers to play games, such as board games or card games.

Use numbers to represent statistical data, such as averages or percentages.

Stock market:
Use numbers to track stock prices or to calculate returns on investments.

To improve your knowledge of numbers and English vocabulary.
Here are some ways to learn numbers:

Number recognition:
Number recognition games & real life example, e.g. reading car license plates.

Number memory game:
a memory game with numbers and matching the numbers.

Play this game & say the words out loud to help you practice.

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